New Start

Hello, if you have visited my site in the past, you know that once upon a time I briefly had an eCommerce site running on here. However I experienced some problems with getting the shipping platform to work without it being super expensive. Also when an update for the platform came out, there was trouble updating. After that the site sat unused while I tried to learn a new CMS system.That didn’t work so well. Next I tried to go back to the old eCommerce platform. But after I got it installed I really didn’t want to go through what I did before and lose everything on the site when I tried to update.

So here we are now with WordPress. Happily my web server offers direct install of WordPress so all I had to do was sign in and pick out a theme. lol. I’m really liking its ease and intuitive user friendly design. Anyway I’m working away adding, fixing, and personalizing. I finally made a photo box, so look for better pictures coming in the future. Currently you are only able to purchase my soaps though Facebook, Ebay or directly at a show. In the future we will be expanding to Etsy, Amazon, and directly from our site once I am assured of WordPress’ security.

Along with the new site, I’m working on new a new label design. A new layout for the Facebook page is in the works. Psst… I’m also in the beginning stages of crafting a new soap recipe. This new recipe should be silkier, and bubblier than the last.

Finally, look for show dates to start being announced. One thing about Florida, is that its not fun to do outdoor shows in the summer.

Fairy Woods

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